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Christian Witt: Professional Fishing Guide

Columbia River Fishng Guides Reviews

"I have fished with Christian many times over the years. He certainly does go above and beyond to put us on fish. He will often continue to fish as long as clients want to get limits of fish without concern for the extra time or cost to him. He loves to show children and elders a great time and it is obvious. Christian is also very safety conscious. One day was shortened due to ocean water conditions at Buoy 10 and I really respected him for such a professional decision."
– Bob Kalmbach

"I have fished with guides from Canada to Mexico and in between and have not found a better one than Christian Witt. He not only puts you on fish, but will take to time to explain and show you techniques and methods to fish on your own which most professional guides are reluctant to do. This was especially important to me moving to the PNW from the Southeast US and going from a warm water lake fishery to a cold water river fishery. I have booked his boat out several times for my customers and all have commented on his excellent level of professionalism and that he consistently produces fish for his clients.”
– Clay Pace, President and CEO Equa-Chlor, Inc.

The first time I went fishing with Columbia River Fishing Guide, it was to catch steelhead. I’ve never had much luck catching steelhead on my own and I was hoping I’d get lucky with a guide to help. Well, my friends and I booked the boat and we were overwhelmed with how successful we were. We hooked 10 steelhead in one morning! Needless to say, Columbia River Fishing Guide exceeded my/our expectations. Now I fish with this guide every chance I get!
– Terry Shepherd, President - The Pearl Outlet

I have fished with Columbia River Fishing guide Christian Witt on several occasions. I have caught several King Salmon & Keeper Sturgeon while on his boat, & have limited out every time! It was a great experience & a great day of fishing EVERYTIME!!! He is an exceptional fishing guide & will continue to fish with him everytime I want to catch BIG FISH!!!
– Tammy Harris

Everytime I go out fishing with Columbia River fishing guide Christian Witt , I have always caught HUGE fish!! He always gets me my limit of fish everytime I go with him. He is a great fishing guide & everytime I get a chance to go fishing I go with Christian. I wouldnt go with anyone else but him! I recommend his skills & experience to everyone thats wants to catch fish, & have a great time doing it!!
– Ryan Roberts


We work with other local fishing guides, so if you need a last minute booking, we can find a professional guide for you with an opening. Call us at (360) 910-6630

 Columbia River Fishing Guides Reviews

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